Padiham Memorial Park is quite unique in that it is one park but on two separate sites.
The lower site is activity based and is frequented by our local community for various sports due to our well maintained bowling greens (home to the Padiham Bowling Club), tennis courts, leisure centre, skate park and areas for just kicking your ball around. There is also a much loved play area which is enclosed, giving parents a much needed sense of safety and the flexibility to be able to rest on a bench or have a picnic whilst their children play on the slide, swings or roundabout.
The leisure centre area of the park is currently undergoing a £1.25 million dramatic reconstruction which will be taking the visitors of Padiham Memorial Parkís lower site to a new age of healthy living. It is due to reopen around July 2009.

The upper site is our traditional park area complete with rose gardens, short walks, memorials, the bandstand and a playground and a beautiful and interesting view of the old rail tracks. Our upper site is truly a great place to visit in the Autumn months as our canopy of trees turn the sky into a ceiling of rusty red and golden leaves. This is a great time for spotting squirrels and of course conkers.
Families from Padiham and beyond visit our upper site to enjoy our seasonal activities such as Easter Egg hunts and a visit from Father Christmas They also soak in the fun and culture of the many open air shows shown on our bandstand throughout the year.
So how can two separate sites claim to be one park? This is thanks to our best kept secret Ė a riverside walk and bridge across the river Calder. This has provided many beautiful and inspirational photo opportunities for both amateur photographers over the years so if you like to snap away donít forget your camera.
At the top of the upper site you will see a beautiful building. This is Knight Hill House, one of our local Age Concern Day Care Centres.
The beauty of the park is no mere accident or fortune of nature. It was helped along by the hand of the founder of the Landscape Institute and influential designer of the Arts and Crafts movement, Thomas Mawson.
So visit us and enjoy our park any day of the year and if you do take any beautiful photographs send them in via our email address
CONTACT US. We would love to see them and may add them to our site.

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